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Understanding Window Treatments

A large part of my business is helping clients choose window treatments. It’s an industry I have worked in for many, many years and just love seeing the transformation and beauty in new drapes and blinds and what it does for my customer.
I hope you enjoy this read, and it demystifys a complex subject and makes it clearer and easier to understand what I do and how I can assist you.

Window treatments are covers or modifications of a window, with the aim to enhance the aesthetics of both the window itself and the room.

Treatments for covering windows include:

* HARD TREATMENTS – materials like wood or poly resin.

Shutters, Timber or Faux Timber Blinds with either vertical or horizontal slats or louvres. They can tilt and allow one to open to a view. It allows one to manipulate the light to create a customised feel.

Or Roller Blinds (Vinyl) that have a chain mechanism for rolling up and down. These are made from a type of vinyl and come in either 2% or 5% blockout. Lots of colour choices.

Confused already? Don’t be – I’m here to guide you.

* SOFT TREATMENTS (SOFT FURNISHINGS) – Soft materials / fabric.

Roman or Austrian Blinds – Pieces of fabric which roll, stack or fold, opening to a view only when the shade is rolled up.
These can be manufactured with either a chain mechanism or a cord system.

Drapes or Curtains – Sheers or fully lined.

There’s lots of options here for fabrics – Plains, Stripes, Florals, Textures, Self Patterned, in natural fibres or polyesters or blends.

Heading types include:

French Pleats
Inverted Pleats
Box Pleats
Eyelets (sometimes referred to as Grommet)
Single, Double or Triple Pleats
Pencil Pleat

The heading style you choose will dictate your drapes’ overall look and feel. But don’t be worried – it’s my job to assist here and help you choose what is best suited for your home and style.

THEN there’s the tracks or rods and finials – once again, so much to choose from but I carry samples of all and can suggest which is right for each room.

Linings – again, so many choices of fabric and colours and these can be discussed and chosen depending on your windows, the thermal quality needed and which fabric you go with.

Autumn is a fabulous time to update your window treatments in time for Winter, making your home warmer and more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

I’m available now for consults over the phone or via Zoom or Skype and will be happy to visit your home once we are in Level 2.

I look forward to working with you and refreshing your space.

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