Outdoor Fabrics that Perform

Here my hope is to give you some insights into the technical requirements of outdoor fabric and why I often choose to use these fabrics as much
indoors as I do outdoors.

Well regarded and high-performance outdoor fabrics predominately come from European mills, solution-dyed acrylics particularly from Germany.
The harsh light in NZ means we have to desaturate or make colours more complex to suit our high UV conditions, as consumers expect more from textiles and products in this part of the market.

Our homes are open, with indoor/outdoor flow so we need
more robust construction and colours.

Outdoor fabrics are generally Solution Dyed Acrylics, Polyolefin or Polypropylene.
Solution Dyed means the solution is dyed before the yarn is extracted from the dye, so there is colour all the way through the fabric.
You get an incredible UV resistance as the colour is fully resolved through the yarn.

Outdoor fabrics are high performance, easy to use and are washable and quick dry. They have fantastic rub ratings (Martindales) and excellent pill ratings.
They are flexible enough to be used for commercial, residential, indoor or outdoor use.

Think high sun areas like Window Seats, use on dining chairs when you have younger children, Headboards, again because they are washable.

Outdoor velvets are made of acrylic in order to get plushness, and with this construction, you don’t have the issue of pilling plus the benefit of inherent fire retardancy.


Outdoor furniture and textiles have become indistinguishable from indoor equivalents.
New technologies allow different yarns and constructions to be manufactured
into beautiful furnishings that will withstand the rigours of our unique NZ outdoor conditions.

Great outdoor spaces are an extension of your interior living area and need to be practical, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.
A place to relax, read, eat, drink and socialise.

Choose quality furniture and textiles – ‘you get what you pay for especially with outdoor items.

It’s wise to store outdoor cushions indoors over the harsh winter months to extend their lifecycle, and pop protective covers over your outdoor furniture.

I have a large range of outdoor fabrics to choose from and can source anything you desire. Also, trade contacts for outdoor furnishings, so if you are thinking of updating your space, get in touch.