Fair Trade Home Styling Products

Have you ever wondered where your products come from, how they were made or who made them? Fair Trade is an Internationally recognised approach to changing lives through trade. It supports the employment of “Fair” practices for the people, (and planet) throughout a business.

Fair Trade is something I passionately support here at STYLE + SOUL, so let’s take a look into it a little more.

What is Fair Trade?
Farmers, workers and their communities around the world face poverty, inequality, gruelling conditions and in some industries, risks to their lives – all in an effort to grow and make the things we pop in our shopping trolley.
To buy a Fair Trade product means you are part of one of the largest movements for change. Fair Trade certification can help lift a farmer or worker out of poverty. It can give a child an education, and grow a community or a business. Fair Trade is a tool for a better life for farmers, workers and their families.

Fair Trade’s work is about being fair to the planet too. We must recognise in the face of a changing climate and increased deforestation that sustainability and regeneration is key.

Why Do We Support Fair Trade?

STYLE + SOUL is the proud, exclusive New Zealand supplier of U-Chus Fair Trade products which are all eco-friendly, handmade and ethically produced. U-Chus was founded in 2007 by Glennys Clarke whom I went to school with. U-Chus values sit alongside our values here at STYLE + SOUL. Looking after the planet, zero waste, networking and empowering women is very important to us. That is why our relationship with this amazing business is so special. Glennys is based in Perth, Maree is your local home stylist in East Auckland

What Materials Are Most Commonly Used?

Mindful of their environmental impact, this is reflected in the materials used, as well as the procurement and production practices followed in sourcing and producing their products. Minimal recyclable packaging is used when the products are shipped to us by our suppliers and all packing material is either reused or recycled. Additionally, our tags are made of recycled paper and jute.

Recycled fabric such as denim and organic cotton are made in a more sustainable way. Organic cotton uses non-GMO crops, no harmful pesticides or fertilisers and 88% less water and 62% less energy compared to conventional production methods.

A large variety of palm trees (not the kind used for manufacturing palm oil) grow abundantly in South East Asia and are used in various applications. Our products use palm leaves which fall naturally, to produce woven baskets and products. Palm leaves are also 100% biodegradable.

Azo-free dyes are low-impact synthetic dyes that don’t contain heavy metals and toxic compounds that conventional Azo dyes do. They contain carcinogens such as aromatic amines which can be extremely harmful to workers. Moreover, as Azo free dyes are 70% more absorbent than conventional dyes they result in significantly less chemical and grey water pollution of waterways.

Fair Trade Products We Stock

At STYLE + SOUL, we stock some beautiful Fair Trade products that make the perfect gifts for the special people in your life, as well as treating yourself of course! You can shop these products with a clear conscience knowing the materials and way they have been made are sustainable and ethical. From divine organic cotton cushions, napkins and table runners, to intricate pottered décor, you will be spoilt for choice. You are welcome to collect your purchases from our studio in East Auckland, or we can courier NZ wide. Check out our range of gifts on our online shop.