Why We Choose The Products We Do

Kitchen Table

At STYLE + SOUL, we believe in creating a sustainable and eco-friendly future through our products and services. Our company values include being as eco-friendly as possible, zero waste and providing services and products that are as sustainable as possible.

We make the most of our fabric remnants from upholstery jobs, cushions, and drapery by either turning them into smaller products for sale or donating them to charities like Habitat for Humanity. I network with several ladies that work with charities and teach women to sew. Where the fabric scraps are used to create everyday items such as aprons, tea towels, purses, and bags, ensuring that no off-cuts go to landfill.


Jute is a crucial part of our eco-friendly journey and can be found in many of the products in our online store. Jute is a natural and durable fibre derived from corchorus plants and is commonly used in home decor for items such as rugs, upholstery, baskets, table runners, placemats, and macrame plant hangers. It is often referred to as the “golden fibre” due to its silky texture and is primarily grown in Bangladesh. It is the same fibre used to make burlap. Jute requires no chemical intervention, uses less water than cotton, and is 100% biodegradable and compostable, making it an ideal eco-friendly material.

Jute rugs and runners are a new addition to our store and are a fashionable and easy-to-maintain way to decorate your home. It fits in with most interior styles and colour scheme, bringing their unique character. They add texture and depth to depth to pared-back and neutral spaces, or to ground a more colourful room. Its natural hue means it is perfect for masking unsightly stans and can be easily vacuumed and spot-cleaned with mild soap and water. Jute is also affordable, eco-friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable.

Recycled Denim

In addition to jute, we also offer products made from recycled denim and organic cotton in our online store. Recycled denim and other recycled fabrics are a sustainable option as they are readily available materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Re-purposing these fabrics reduces the environmental cost of producing new materials. They become stylish home products like this jute denim table runner.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is produced in a more sustainable way, using non-GMO crops, no harmful pesticides or fertilizers, and using 88% less water and 62% less energy compared to conventional production methods. The system is also designed to use 80% of water from rainfall, not irrigation, and helps keep farmer communities healthy by not exposing them to chemicals. Check out our organic cotton napkins and cushions.

Azo-free Dyes

We also select products with azo-free dyes, which are low-impact synthetic dyes that don’t contain heavy metals and toxic compounds found in conventional azo dyes. Azo-free dyes result in significantly less chemical and grey water pollution of waterways and are 70% more absorbent than conventional dyes.

At STYLE + SOUL, we believe in shopping mindfully and making a positive impact on the environment through our products. Choose eco-friendly and sustainable options for your home decor today!