Choosing fabrics can be tricky.

I am a lover of linens, however, linen isn’t suitable for some areas in your home like high sun areas or a teenage hang out space.

Sometimes you just need hard wearing, practical fabrics that will last for years and take the spills!

Combining technology and design, there is a vast range of fabrics available that have a stain repellant built into them.

This ensures that choosing a beautiful, resistant and quality upholstery fabric is never a problem!

Fibres used have been specially woven or had a “spray-on” type finish so that these fabrics are perfect repellents to liquids and other stains, making them easy to clean with a neutral detergent and a damp cloth without leaving a trace.

Having been in the textile trade for over 25 years, I can guide you to the best fabric for your purpose and lifestyle.

Don’t suffer any more for wanting to choose light tones for your home decor!

Thanks for reading. Hope it has been helpful.
HAPPY MARCH, fingers and toes crossed we have no more lockdowns!!

Cheers, Maree


100% Solution Dyed Acrylic.
Marine Grade Indoor / Outdoor fabric.
Lightfast rating >7
5 year No Fade Limited Warranty. 

Stain Resistant. Fire Rated Heavy Duty Upholstery. Washable 30c
Indoor / Outdoor Washable Polypropylene Fabrics
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