How to create a table setting with pizzazz


 There’s nothing like seeing your family and friends around your table laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Gathering around a table to share a meal forms connections and intimacy.
 Everyday moments can be turned into something special and I love going the extra mile to set the table to give it a special sense of occasion.
The dining table can play a starring role with just a little extra effort.
 I’m always guided by the seasons and/or the reason whether it’s Christmas, Easter, Anniversaries or Birthdays, or Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring.
 And if it’s an Engagement, Wedding or Christening, well that’s even more important and a reason to celebrate, and enjoy an indulgent feast.
We love a good excuse for a party too.
 Even if it’s just a potluck dinner, casual get-together or a more planned event, dressing your table adds to the atmosphere and ambience of the meal.
 We share a Tapa’s evening with friends on a regular basis. We have a “theme” each time which the host determines, and we all bring small Tapa-style dishes that relate to that theme. 
eg. A country, a season, a time in our history, a culture or a fashionable event/theme.
It’s fun, and interesting trying new foods and with our friends, is often very competitive! 

Dinner parties or lunch spreads, beautiful tabletops set a lovely vibe. 
TABLECLOTHS are a great starting point, your base to build on. For a more organic look, leave out the tablecloth (they can look more formal) and just go for tablemats / placemats. 
I’m a bit obsessed with gorgeous napkins, they make tables look “dressed” and like you have made an effort. Choose linen or cotton to set the tone. These also wash up beautifully for use time and time again. 
Beautiful candles always add ambience to the occasion, creating a welcoming environment both with their glow and scent. Fresh or faux flowers add to the ambience too.
 Make your table sparkle with fairy lights, or tea candles in pretty glass dishes.
If entertaining outdoors, use hurricane lamps, oil lamps, lights in your trees, even a brazier.
 Depending on your theme / desired look, colourful plates and bowls, crockery and cutlery may work well. Even mismatched plates and bowls in different colours can be fun and a real talking point. Source second hand, rummage around op shops for some great vintage finds.
Colourful glasses are beautiful too.
 Colour will bring life to the party, or you may prefer a neutral palette like cream, oatmeal, soft grey or classic white, all popular choices at present.
Whichever you choose add seasonal decorations.
 Pinecones (natural or painted), twigs and branches wrapped in twine, cinnamon sticks, fresh rosemary from the garden, nuts, and dried florals all work well for Winter tabletops. So do figs and walnuts presented in rustic, organic shaped dishes.
 For Autumn decorate with seasonal citrus fruits, a bowl of oranges, or dried autumn leaves in a rustic basket with fairy lights woven amongst them. A rustic box or wreath with branches and bits of dried foliage will do the trick. Autumn toned vases and jugs like copper or brass work well too adding a golden glow. Amber glass too is perfect for Autumn.
 And for Summer, add berries, cherries, pomegranates and small vases with bright cut flowers.
Choose eye-catching statement patterns eg. watermelons, parrots, bold geometrics or cocktails – fun, quirky and colourful designs for a whimsical setting.
If you are near the beach, go for a beachy / coastal theme and add bits of driftwood, bunny tails, tumbleweed and shells.
 If it’s a more classic look you are after use timeless tableware and fine china.
 For striking impact and instant drama have one large “wow” piece.
It could be one impactful centrepiece or a large impressive colourful or shaped dish like a pedestal bowl or a cakestand. However, make sure it doesn’t block a guest’s view, and is cohesive with the party’s theme. Be careful not to overcrowd the space, allowing room for food and wine.  
If you want to go a step further -handwritten menus are the perfect personalised touch to elevate any hosting experience.
 A table with character has depth and interest. Mix things up – use vintage with new.
 It’s all in the details.

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Here are some themes you can play with:

  • Beach Theme / Coastal
  • Rustic
  • Pretty Pink High Tea
  • Summer cocktail Alfresco Dining
  • Long Italian style lunch
    There is an art to entertaining.
    Have as much prepared in advance as possible.
    The best kind of host is a relaxed one, so relax and enjoy yourself.
    If you are having fun, your guests will too.

Choose recipes within your comfort zone, so you are not stressed and can concentrate on being with your guests and enjoying their company.

Delicious food and great company – the perfect recipe for a fun time!

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