Lockdown Spring!

Spring has Sprung and although we are in Lockdown, at least we are safe and well at home.

Spring is a great time to refresh your home with soft furnishings, and get Summer ready. With more time at home being the ultimate at present, think about adding Cushions and Throws, maybe a new Rug, updating Window Treatments, or just having a good declutter while everyone can contribute and make a family effort!

I do this regularly and often donate goods to a charity close to my heart -“Shining Light Community Trust”. They work with the homeless and family’s in need and it’s a very “hands on” charity, with practical help and care that they give. Spring is a great time to think about our Outdoor Living spaces too, and being outside and connected to nature is good for the soul. Gardening, re-potting, outdoor furniture cleaning, sprucing up the deck. One benefit of Lockdown for me, has been time to load all my Cushions and Throws and Home Decor Items on to my website and Facebook Shop.

Supporting small business, shopping local and being mindful about purchases has very much been the mantra in this Covid world and one which I take seriously. Nothing better than supporting a small local butcher, bakery, vege store or buying locally made gifts.

I just became a Great Aunty again! (yes, I’m starting to feel old!!) and I sourced some gorgeous bibs made by a Mum in Mellons Bay to gift. This purchase supports her family and allows her to be productive but also be at home with bubs.

It’s a win, win!

Enjoy Spring and all the beautiful florals it brings.

Thanks for reading, stay safe, and I’ll catch you next month, when “Fingers Crossed”, things are back to normal!