Why it is instantly recognizable with its sheen and beautiful drape,
luxurious texture and sumptuous style.

Well, here you go – all the details on this stunning fabric.

All Velvets are distinguished by their raised pile that can be cut or uncut.
They are made on a special loom known as a double cloth.
It produces two pieces of velvet simultaneously.

Velvet is characterised by its even pile height.
Originally made from silk, velvet today is made from both synthetic and natural fibres such as Cotton, Polyester, Linen or Viscose.

Originating from Eastern culture with pile weaves, it dates back to 2000 BC Egyptian civilisation.
At the time, the technique to create it was so complex and labour intensive that it was only for royalty and the very wealthy.

Velvet is a type of woven tufted fabric in which the cut threads are evenly distributed, with a short dense pile, giving it a distinctive soft feel.

Well made velvets are luxurious, have a tactile handle and clarity of colour.
You can tell a high quality velvet if the colour goes right through the deep pile to the base.

I love Cotton and Linen Velvets the most.
However, modern living (think kids and pets, and our high UV),
often calls for a more practical velvet and that’s where Polyester
(and even outdoor velvets) come in to their own.
They are also more cost effective than natural fibre velvets.

You don’t need to be precious, they look stunning, and will stand up to our sun.

Velvets can also go through many different “Finishing” processes giving them unique looks. eg. a brushing or “Aged / Vintage” appeal.
A crushed finish, or digitally printed.
“Embossed” (decorative designs pressed onto it) are achieved with a very hot engraved metal cylinder that sears and heat sets the pattern in to the velvet.
Pile-on-pile velvet – is made of two or more piles of different heights in order to create patterns. Often referred to as high / low effect.

So if it’s opulence, style, luxury, timeless and classic appeal you are after for your next Sofa, Chair, Headboard, Ottoman, Cushions or Drapes
consider this stunning fabric.

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